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{But you know you luuurrrve me}}} [ Lauren ]

It's my journal...you know you wanna look...go on...do it, I dare you...

25 March
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PotterPuffs are love

{ Me }}}

Named Lauren (or 407);
Born 25/3;
Trinity CHS student;
Harry Potter addict;
Dorky Teen;
British Republican;
Music Lover;
Hopeless Romantic;
Rain Watcher;
Wannabe New Yorker;
Jake Gyllenhaal;

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User Number: 3135372
Date Created:2004-05-13
Number of Posts: 39

Lauren is awesome, no? ;p She is crazy, intelligent, accident-prone, lazy, egotistical and slightly reclusive. She has strong opinions, likes a challenge and hates repetitiveness. A lot of people hate her (she's one of those outcast-type people), but she isn't bothered. She's weird, random and mostly honest. She hates prejudices of any kind and hypocrites.
Strengths: Witty (at times) . Funny (more so on paper) . Good with toddlers (she can relate to them) . Writing . Maths . Dancing . Drama (Though she'll never really show anyone) . Drawing (at times) . Music . History . Lying . Individuality
Weaknesses: Socially retarded . Clutzy . Slightly Anal . Bushy hair (until it's straightened) . Eyesight (glasses suck) . Big feet (You can dance with big feet) . Self-conscious . Lazy . Sappy Romance . Christmas time
Special Skills: ...She can write pretty good. And she can be entertaining if she doesn't feel too self-concious (that's only really when she's around her family and she's had a few drinks down her).
Weapons: She can throw your science book on the floor.
Essentials: Mobile phone . Mp3 player . Notebook . Pen . Bus Pass (If only she could drive) . Black Eyeliner

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GO THERE GO THERE GO THERE! It's so great! And OPEN! A nice little HP ff site, derived from The Great Break. =D

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Jakes Gyllenhaal is <3 people

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Probably the only picture of me that I don't mind...

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My New Mobile Phone!!! It's an o2 x4...=D

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Me and Stace wearing PILGRIM HATS. I couldn't resist. Thought Stace'll kill me if she ever finds out. She looks great in the picture, though, so hopefully she won't be too bad...


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